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i have solved the problem using the sender object of the MouseDown event.

after grid.EndInit():

foreach(Xceed.Grid.DataRow row in grid.DataRows)
foreach(Cell cell in row.Cells)
cell.MouseDown += new MouseEventHandler(Data_MouseDown);
foreach(Xceed.Grid.DataRow drow in row.DetailGrids[0].DataRows)
foreach(Cell dcell in drow.Cells)
dcell.MouseDown += new MouseEventHandler(Data_MouseDown);

an Data_MouseDown is:

if (e.Button == MouseButtons.Right)
Xceed.Grid.Row row = null;
row = ((Xceed.Grid.DataCell)sender).ParentRow;
if (row != null)
if (row.CanBeCurrent)
grid.CurrentRow = row; grid.CurrentRow.BringIntoView();
grid.CurrentRow.IsSelected = true;
//Assing grid.ContextMenu based on CurrentRow (other code)

I don’t Know how to capture the MouseDown event in the Headers of the master and detail rows, but that is another problem.

Thanks for all.

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