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Hello Tommy,

Thanks for quick reply,

Here is my code that runs on in Client/GUI.


private void frmEstimate_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
locCostCentres = estimateManager.getCostCentres(this.estimateID);
grdCostCentres.DataSource = locCostCentres;

private void refreshEstimate()
isLoading= true;

locCostCentres = estimateManager.getCostCentres(this.estimateID);
//grdCostCentres.DataSource = locCostCentres;

isLoading= false;


if i acquire estimateManager object locally, above mentioned code works fine.

In case, when i acquire estimateManager object from remote server, eventhough data
source is set in frmEstimate_Load, i have to uncomment DataSource line and reassign it.
Ohterwise grid will not display new data.

Any idea, is this problem with remoting or grid/databinding?



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