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Hi Odi,

thanks a lot for your fast and detailled answer! But I guess it’s not worth the work we would have to do. I just though about publishing my application as open source because there might be some helpful hints for other users trying to create nearly the same application. So they might have a look e.g. how to retrieve the XML Data from the internet side and parse it, how to save the XML files locally etc. So the Grid is just for displaying the information and I guess no one would have a look at the source code just for the grid (that’s not against your grid, I really like it).
So the easiest way would be to remove the key and publish it, so if someone is interested in the source <b>and</b> would like to do minor modification to get a better understanding, then they would be able to do so. But frankly speaking I even don’t know if anyone ever would like to do so 😐
So I’ll just strip my procedures out of the project and publish them without the complete program. I guess the custom license agreement is not too cheap 😉 and as I will not earn any buck from the Open Source project…. Anyway thanks a lot for your support!!

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