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Odi [Xceed]
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It is almost entirely a license agreement restriction issue and less to do with the actual license key itself.

It is possible, but there are several conditions you must meet. Here are some: First, our license agreement does not permit you to create a development tool of any kind. If your project targets developers (quite possible since you are requiring folks to compile your code, and insert license keys into the source code, which implies some programming savvy) then that’s condition number 1. Second, if you publish it as Open Source, you still need to put a valid copyright notice in there, as required by our license agreement. Third, you must make it crystal clear in your own license agreement that the Xceed component included with the Open Source project is itself not Open Source, and is provided under a separate license agreement (Xceed’s) and must be purchased (licensed) by anyone trying to compile your Open Source project. There are other smaller restrictions to be looked at if you meed these ones first.

One way to get around all this is for you to get a custom license agreement from Xceed (in this case a Worldwide OEM license for use in your particular Open Source project). If this option interests you, contact me at (450) 442-2626 ext. 226 to discuss the terms and fees.


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