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Can’t seem to be able to access the detail grid’s contents.

In the master grid, I can check for selected rows, or run through all of the datarows:
foreach (Xceed.Grid.DataRow row in MyGrid.SelectedRows)
foreach (Xceed.Grid.DataRow row in MyGrid.DataRows)
Depending on which I choose, I can either return the value of the first cell in just the row selected, or all of the rows in the grid.

When I try in the detail grid, I can only code for all of the rows.
foreach (Xceed.Grid.DataRow row in MyDetailGrid.DataRows)
Then, I have to check to see if the row is selected
if (row.IsSelected)

I never receive a value.

As a test, I did a MessageBox.Show to return the detail grid’s dataRow Count. It returned 0 every time.

Not sure if I have to call the selected row in the Parent Grid before iterating through the detail grid, and if so, how to code it.

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