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Tommy, you are right, overriding the PaintForeground and/or PaintBackground without calling base is something that can do a big boost.

To boost performance of the detail, you can feed detail grid only when they expand (Setting them to collapse by default on the DetailGridTemplate) by handling the CollapsedChanged event.

One thing to try, is overriding the PaintForground. In it, check if calling a Graphics.DrawString with a StringFormat that have less option activated (like no word wrap … etc) in the StringFormatFlags can speed up your apps. There is also some setting on the Graphics itself that can change performance, like TextRenderingHint, changing this setting may give you more speed (Or less speed also).

I will be very interested having a sample app that shows the performance hit on the machine you have. Then we can check on our side what can be done to boost speed up.

You can send it to support@xceedsoft.com, just precise in the email that is for Francois Carignan.

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