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Thanks for taking your time Tommy,

I’m using the grid to display the members of a local sports club.
My layout looks rougly like this:

Master grid
|- Member ID (int)
|- First name (string)
|- Last name (string)
|- Civic registration number (string)
|- Detail grid “Address”:
|– c/o (string)
|– Street (string)
|– Zipcode (int)
|– City (string)
|- Detail grid “Contact”:
|– Home phone number (string)
|– Cellphone number (string)
|– E-mail
|- Detail grid “Membership”:
|– Status (string, combobox)
|– Join date (DateTime, date picker)
|– Exit date (DateTime, date picker)
|– Newsletter (bool)
|– Detail grid “Sections”:
|— Section (string)
|— Detail grid “Functions”:
|—- Function (string)
|—- Award (string)

As you can see there are a bunch of detail grids, which I at first figured might be a problem. But even when I eventually tried stripping the detail grids and only retaining the master grid I ran into performance issues. Every grid has an input row btw. What parts of the grid did you override to make it faster?
I’m binding the grid to a dataset, it doesn’t seem to make much difference as far as performance goes to loading data into the grid manually, I tried that as well. Is the Xceed grid filled with data on demand or is the whole grid filled?

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