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I don’t think you can, without using code. But here’s a class you can use to freeze the first column:<code>public class ColumnFreezer
private Xceed.Grid.Column column_;
public ColumnFreezer(Xceed.Grid.Column column)
column_ = column;
Xceed.Grid.GridControl grid = column.GridControl;
if (grid != null) grid.FirstVisibleColumnChanged += new EventHandler(grid_FirstVisibleColumnChanged);

private void grid_FirstVisibleColumnChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
Xceed.Grid.Column firstColumn = grid.FirstVisibleColumn;
if (firstColumn != null && firstColumn != column_)
column_.VisibleIndex = firstColumn.VisibleIndex;
To use it:<code>// after initializing the grid
new ColumnFreezer(myGrid.Columns[“myColumn”]);</code>

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