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if in the beginning I fix the column
Dim c1 As FixedColumn = New FixedColumn(GridControl1.Columns(0), GridControl1.Columns(0).VisibleIndex)
Dim c2 As FixedColumn = New FixedColumn(GridControl1.Columns(1), GridControl1.Columns(0).VisibleIndex)




I try case1: Me.GridControl1.Scroll(ScrollDirection.RightmostPage) ==> fail
case2: Me.GridControl1.FirstVisibleColumn = Me.GridControl1.Columns(columnIndex)
=====> still fail


the display on the xeed grid
( i can see scope )( i cant see X ) <== datarow A
ps: 1. I update the cell X
2. ( ) <=== can see xeed grid view

?? I still can not see the right cell ? ?

When i use BringIntoView() method , i discover a strange thing .
That is the cell is in the view but the position is not the same before!?
( Sort again but position change ?)

English is poor ,pardon me !
thank you ..

00:52 will sleep …

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