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You can create a custom comparer, that compares the numeric values of the strings, and assign it to the <b>DataComparer</b> property of the column. Such a custom comparer is just a class that implements the <b>IComparer</b> interface and has a method <b>Compare</b>. Like this:
<code>public class myComparer : System.Collections.IComparer
int IComparer.Compare(object x, object y)
int ix = Convert.ToInt32(x);
int iy = Convert.ToInt32(y);

if (ix < iy) then return -1;
else if (ix > iy) then return 1;
else return 0;
catch(Exception ex)
throw new ArgumentException(“Can’t compare arguments”);
Then you can assign your comparer to the column:
<code>myGrid.Columns[“myColumn”].DataComparer = new myComparer();</code>

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