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Hi guys,

All of our controls require FullTrust to be displayed. Setting FullTrust should fix this issue.

– Open the .NET Framework Configuration tool from the “Administrative Tools” control panel item.

– Expand “Runtime Security Policy”

– Expand “Machine”

– Expand “Code Groups”

– Expand “All Code”

– Right-click “All Code”, select “New”

– Select “Create a new code group” and give it a name

– Select “URL” in the condition type combobox

– Specify the URL of the intranet application with an asterix to indicate we want to trust all assemblies in that URL (e.g.”http://myserver/myfolder/*”)

– Select “Use existing permission set”, and select “FullTrust” from the combobox

– Click “Finish”

I hope this helps!

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