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Hi ACanadian,

When dealing with mouse and keyboard events, once there are rows in the grid, if these rows contain cells, it is the cells that will raise the mouse and keyboard events. If the row does not have cells, then it is the row that will raise the events. With the mouse and keyboard events, it is easier to think of the grid as a Panel containing “child” rows which in turn contain “child” cells.

Have a look at the following KB article http://www.xceedsoft.com/kb/result.asp?id=311
it demonstrates how to handle the click event for each cell in the main grid. In your case, you will need to do it for the detail grids that you want rather than the main grid.

The sender in the click event will be the cell. To get the row that was clicked (the cell’s parent row), you can the verify the cell’s ParentRow property.

I hope this helps!

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