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Currently detail grids are created for each parent datarows when the detailgrid template defining them contain 1 or more rows. And the +/- is shown when any rows are present, that includes footer, header rows and datarows.

I understand this feature is usefull for some developpers to hide empty data detail grids.

Detail grids are automatically created when templates contain rows.
A good way to solve this would be to add your footer and header rows directly in each detail grids when they contain 1 ore more datarows. Also make sure you don’t have any rows from the detail grid templates.

An other alternative would be to delete all detail grids that contain no datarows. After they were automatically created. In that case close synchronization with the any data changes is required in order to create detail grids.

I will add this important feature request to our database as an option to allow disabling of the automatic creation when there are no child datarows.

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