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Hi Gregory,

In short, your project is probably still referencing the old XceedGrid version 1.1

In more detail…

If you open your project and open the references node, you can find the reference to Xceed.Grid. The designer creates this reference the first time you add a grid control to one of the forms or user controls in your project. If you look at the properties for this reference, the version number probably starts with 1.1.

When you go to add a grid from the toolbox, the designer looks in the only place it knows of to find a grid control, and that’s in that referenced assembly, version 1.1.

If you remove the reference to the version 1.1 assembly, and add a reference to the version 2.0 assembly, the designer, and all of your code, will now look in the new assembly for the grid control, and you will have updated your entire project, and all of the grids in that project, in one small step.

Be careful if you want to do the upgrade to many projects in pieces, however. If you have project references between multiple projects in a solution, you’ll probably want to update all of the grid references at the same time, or you may encounter conflicts between projects. This is especially true if you use inherited forms that inherit across multiple projects.

Good luck!


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