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2 more things;
-It would be cool if a circle with arrows similar to internet explorer would pop up when the middle mouse button is pressed and allowed to scroll the grid, however for this to look smooth, it would require support for smooth scrolling (instead of only row by row scrolling as of right now)
-if for example the grid is MasterDetail and the MasterGrid has 2 columns and the DetailGrid has 3, the current behavior is that if the user is on 3rd cell of one of the the DetailGrids and presses a vertical arrow button that makes the CurrentCell switch to a row of the MasterGrid, the CurrentCell will be the 2nd (and last) Column of the MasterGrid,if he presses another vertical arrow that sends him to a DetailGrid, the focus will go the the 2nd Column of the DetailGrid, i think it would be better if it went to the 3rd one.

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