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-Implement ICloneable.
this would be extremely useful to correctly print a grid.
it would allow to clone a grid and then format the invisible clone for printing purposes(stylesheets, resize, special treatments, etc…) without it affecting the grid displayed to the user (like the memberwiseclone does)

-TextRows(or a class deriving it) allowing to have Editors\Viewers just like cells can

-Panels that could be used as Viewers \ editors
i think its already possible to use a panel as a celleditor though i have’nt tried it before, but it would be very very nice if they could paint themselves as viewers, even if that would force me to provide one instance per cell.

-Possibility to add non-datarows in the middle of the grid more easily ( i can do it with a dirty workaround, that is grouping datarows by their primary key so i have one group per datarow, and then add a textrow to the desired datarows footer/header rows

thats all i can think of now but that would really help make a great product greater. 8)

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